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Insurance Company

Insurance & Reinsurance Company

Life, Health, Personal Accident, and Property & Casualty Insurance. 

Redbridge Insurance Company (RICL) is wholly owned by Redbridge Holding Inc. and provides insurance and reinsurance services to international markets.

RICL also acts as retrocessionaire on reinsurance generated and managed by Redbridge Reinsurance Managers, LLC, a subsidiary of Redbridge Holding, through its participation in reinsurance services.

The company writes individual and group life and health business, as well as general insurance. We have a wide array of products addressing your life, safety, health, wealth, income and future, with the best offerings solutions in the international market. 

Visit RICL page at: www.redbridgeinsurance.com 


About Redbridge

An insurance and reinsurance management group specialized in global operations. The company provides a wide range of insurance business support services through its risk capital, business process outsourcing, and consulting divisions.


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